University of Kerala
Online Registration for Ph.D Research
Read the instructions carefully before starting the registration process
(1)Candidates with required qualification as prescribed in the notification (see the notification for details) can register.
(2) Registration process requires title and synopsis of the proposed work, scanned copy of photograph, signature and details of registration fee paid. The synopsis should be .pdf / .doc format and size less than 100 KB. Photograph and signature should be .jpg format and size less than 40 KB and 20 KB respectively.
(3) In the first step of registration, candidates can register their valid email-id to create a username and password. This username and password can be used throughout the registration process. Even if the registration process is interrupted, the applicant can login [from the login facility at home page] again with the same username and password to continue the rest of the registration process.
(4) After creating the username the candidate should add their Photo & Signature, and provide Personal, Educational & Research details.
(5)Submission of false information will lead to permanent debarring of the applicant from registration.
(6)Once the details are completed, submit the application by clicking the Register button at the end.
(7)You will get a message of successful submission after completing registration process.
(8)Successfully completed applications will be automatically routed to the ‘Fresh Students’ link of the respective supervising teachers and co-guides (if any) page in the research portal for approval.
(9)Request your supervising teacher to login to the portal by using his/her user name and password to see your application in the ‘Fresh Students’ link. After verifying the application the supervising teacher has to fill up the required details and authenticate the application by clicking on the Approve Student button.
(10)Corrections to the details submitted can be made by the candidate by login to the site and using the edit facility till the guide or co-guide(if any) approves the application.
(11)Print out of the application can be taken after the approval of the guide or co-guide (if any) till 5 PM on 15/01/2016, from the ‘Application Form’ link in the student’s profile.
(12)The printout should be submitted as directed in the notification.